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Decorative Floors - The Custom Touch Many homeowners customize their hardwood floors with the decorative touches of a custom border, installation of a patterned floor, or inlay hardwood medallion. Not only does this special touch increase the value of your home, it increases the dramatic effect that a beautiful entrance can have on the first time visitor to your home.



creating style from the floor up

Style, that’s what it’s all about. Giving your home the personal touches that speak volumes about your own flair for creativity and a personal feeling. Incorporating exotic hardwoods is one way to enhance your hardwood floor. Many border treatments are made using exotic hardwoods such as cherry, walnut, teak, mahogany, and other exotic wood which creates a natural pattern or design in the wood. Specialty staining can also create a similar effect.



Patterned Floors - A unique Expression of You

Wonderful designs can be made for your hardwood floors. When made with the same wood, you get a subtle effect. When different woods are combined, the effect can be wonderfully dramatic. From a simple herringbone to a soldiered border, you can choose the patterns and style to compliment your home. Here are some examples of patterns you can incorporate:

Hardwood Medallions and Inlays

What could be more wonderful than a custom design in the entryway of your home. Greet your visitors with your unique taste and a welcome that speaks volumes about you and your warmth and welcoming spirit. Heritage Hardwood Floors can design a pattern to suit your needs, or incorporate interesting touches such as a family crest or symbol into your new or existing hardwood floor. Get some interesting ideas by visiting our showroom.

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